Our Laboratory located in Dongguan Hoiluen Manufactory Limited- We have introduced GS-MS Machine from Japan Shimadzu in 2010 to ensure we fulfill REACH requirement. GS-MS can detach Phthalate up to 5 ppm precision and currently machine is able to detach up to 16 type of Phthalate included DMP, DEP, DBP, BBP, DEHP, DINP, DNOP, DIDP, DIBP, DNP, DIOP, DPrP, DCHP, DPP, DBzP, DNHP. These materials are mostly found in PVC as plasticizer and believed to be harmful to environment and human body.



Introduced in 2005, we brought the ICP Spectro Ciros Vision from German Spectro Corporation to ensure all our product fulfill ROHS requirment. More than that we also fulfill CP65 and even stricter standard SONY-SS-00259.













Current ROHS standard:

Lead (Pb) < 0.1% or 1000ppm

Mercury (Hg) <0.1% or 1000ppm

Cadimum (Cd) <0.01% or 100ppm

Hexavalent Chromium Cr6+ <0.1% or 1000ppm

PBB/PBDE < 0.1% or 1000ppm